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Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching for Teams and Individuals

Creating a healthy and balanced company culture doesn’t happen by chance. It requires effort to foster, nourish and continually upgrade in order to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

My creative coaching services cultivate interpersonal flexibility and maximize motivation within your team. 

More than just a feel-good experience, I provide a proven method for improving staff retention, driving organisational innovation and increasing overall productivity.

Let’s unlock the full potential of your team and achieve greater levels of community cohesion. 

Contact me today so I can help your team thrive.

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Valerie Monti Holland

Globally Recognized Facilitator and Creative Communications Specialist

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

As I travel the world, I have the privilege of creating a space for people to explore and define the impact they want to make. I help provide meaning and a deeper authenticity to the lives I touch. 

My workshops have been delivered in numerous cities, including Geneva, Mumbai, Budapest, Chennai, Brussels, Sydney, London, Stockholm, Lisbon and Barcelona, as well as my home city of Sheffield, England.

With decades of coaching experience working in various communities and cultures, I help organisations navigate uncertainty, especially in this current climate.

That’s where I come in. Let’s talk about how your teams can thrive in this new era of work, including best methods for virtual connectivity and crystal clear communication.

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Cross-cultural / International Workshops
For Teams and Organizations

Finding the Group Story

I’ve worked with groups of all shapes and sizes and with people of all ages and cultures. From large public organisations to community groups to large enterprises. From schoolchildren wanting to be noticed to people seeking meaning at the end of their careers.

From Sheffield to Sydney to women’s prisons to leadership programmes, I’ve helped teams and individuals identify priorities, find their deeper missions and create commitment to act.

Public Sector

Ministry of Justice U.K., United Nations, National Health Service, UK

Private Sector

Lockton Insurance Companies, Jaguar Land Rover, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Non-Profit Sector

SOVA Women into Work, Marie Curie Cancer Care, darts (Doncaster Community Arts)

Higher Education

Universities of Leeds, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield, Durham

Unleash Interpersonal Harmony

Open up a new tier of communication between a multitude of personality types.

Scenario-Driven Solutions

Explore solutions by enacting possible scenarios.

Maximize Group Potential

Uncover and leverage natural strengths within a group.

Create a Thriving Work Environment

Co-create a more energized and focused workplace where everyone profits.

Give a Voice to the Silenced

Develop space and visibility for those who are often unseen and unheard.

What To Expect

Play With Purpose

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

As an experienced career coach, I specialise in getting to the root of these stagnant zones, helping your team find a renewed sense of flow and energy in your work. 

Unlike other approaches that rely on stale, awkward role-play, my approach involves play that is markedly different and entirely purposeful. We look at the roles you already play in your life, where they’re effective and where they need adjustment. We’ll practice those roles.  I call this “rehearsal for life.” 

“Considering the role I play in any scenario has helped the most, even when I start to feel self-conscious.”

Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, improve your communication or find more meaning in your work, my embodied coaching approach can help you tap into your full potential.

For Individuals

Creative Coaching for Individuals

Unlock your full potential with personalised developmental coaching. Let’s explore your unique life roadblocks, from the personal to the societal to the structural.

With one-to-one coaching, you’ll get an intimate and granular look at your journey, allowing us to create a personal roadmap for your success. 

And the process is enjoyable. I meet you where you are without imposition, working with you to develop insights, tools and strategies in order to thrive 

Through deep listening, open-ended questioning and compassionate guidance, I’ll help you transform your life from the inside out





Creating a Culture of Inclusivity and Innovation

How an organisation deals with differences is often a barrier to innovation and inclusivity. Diversity is a key ingredient to creativity and is threaded into all of my practice. 

Enhanced cultural competence. Because my practice has taken me to various parts of the globe, I have a deeper knowledge of different values and beliefs. I’ve worked with a range of communication styles, some are direct and assertive while others are more nuanced. 

Wider reaching communication skills. I am constantly mindful of differences in language and meaning among various communication styles. Because of this, I can see where conflict can arise through misunderstanding. 

Compassion and agility. Working with people from different cultures has exposed me to new ways of thinking and problem-solving, requiring me to be more flexible in my approach as well as allowing me to tailor my programme to the unique needs of my clients.


Curiosity fuels our motivation to find solutions. When genuinely curious about a problem, we’re more likely to invest the time and effort needed to solve it. This drive can help us overcome obstacles and persist in the face of challenges.


Creativity helps problem solving by encouraging us to break out of old patterns and explore new possibilities. By thinking outside the box and challenging conventional wisdom, we identify fresh approaches to problems that may have seemed insurmountable before.


The practice of speaking openly allows solutions to organically evolve. This helps us address problems more quickly and avoid misunderstandings. This level of honesty also fosters long-lasting trust among the givers and the receivers.

What to Expect

Experience a holistic approach that goes beyond stale skills training. 

Together, let’s explore how to enhance your team’s mental well-being, building a culture that supports and uplifts all members. By prioritising mental health, you’ll see an increase in productivity and a reduction in stress-related issues that can hold companies back.


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